P. 59 (Cuttlefish) – Antonio Lafréri


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Rare copper engraved print of a Cuttlefish. The print was included in Ippolito Salviani’s “Aquatilium Animalium Historiae”, an important and classic work on Mediterranean ichthyology. Hippolito Salviani (1514–1572) was an Italian physician, scholar and naturalist, who studied Medicine in Rome and developed a great interest in ichthyology and in natural history.

The title page of the work states the date 1554, but the printing wasn’t completed until 1557. The illustrations of Mediterranean fish species were engraved by Antonio Lafréri.

Title: Untitled. Pl. 59 (Cuttlefish)
Date: 1554 (1557)
Size: 23.0 x 34.0 cm
Verso: Blank
Condition: Very Good (G)
Publication: Salviano (Hippolyto). Aquatilium Animalium Historiae, Liber Primus, Cum Eorumdem Formis, Aere Excusis, Rome 1554.

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