Kaart Van Amerika – Joseph-Francois Lafitau


Uncommon antique map of the continent of America. The map depicts the southern part of Greenland, Iceland, the mythical Estotiland, which was described by the Zeno brothers and unknown southlands. The map is decorated with two sailing ships and a compass rose.

The map was published in De Zeden der Wilden van Amerika by Joseph-Francois Lafitau (May 31, 1681 – July 3, 1746) in 1731. Lafitau was a French Jesuit missionary, ethnologist, and naturalist. The work De Zeden der Wilden van Amerika is a dutch translation, of the original first french edition titled Moeurs des Sauvages Amériquains from 1724.

Title: Kaart Van Amerika
Date: 1731
Size: 20.0 x 14.5 cm
Condition: Good (G)

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