Gvineae Nova Descriptio – Direk Cornelissen Swardt


Rare and very decorative and attractive map of West Africa engraved by Direk Cornelissen Swardt. The map is decorated with a sea monster, a ship and a sailing boat, a cartouche and a scale and a small inset map of the island of Sao Tome. The map is almost identical to Direk Cornelissen Swardt’s map for Cloppenburgh’s edition of Mercator’s Atlas Minor, except that the moiré pattern around the cartouche and the scale has been removed. This map without the moiré pattern is the same map as the one published in “Teatro Belgico, o vero Ritratti historici, chronologici, politici, e geografici, delle sette provincie unite” by the italian historian Gregorio Leti in 1690. All maps we have been able to locate from this work though, have text on the verso and the text “294 – Teatro Belgico” printed on the right border.

Title: Gvineae Nova Descriptio
Date: 1690
Size: 18.3 x 24.8 cm
Verso: Blank
Condition: Very good (VG)

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